Child Psychotherapy

Art therapy

Young children affected by life threatening illness or death are often beset with fears and troubling thoughts, which in turn may affect their behaviour.


This therapy offers children a different way to communicate when they do not have the vocabulary or are not ready or comfortable to talk about their fears.

In music therapy sessions, musical communication is created between the child and the therapist. The child does not need any musical training or previous experience to play.  


By using a wide range of musical instruments from around the world, children can express the often turbulent or difficult feelings they are experiencing.

All the services that we provide to children and their families are free of charge. All of our clients must self-refer. If you or your family need our help please call us on 0117 985 3343



Our Therapies

Counselling is offered to adults and young people. It gives them the time and space to explore their feelings and help them adjust to their new and difficult situation.

Music therapy


Massage is one of the oldest and most natural forms of healing. The ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian civilizations used massage to prevent and cure disease, and had a good working knowledge of the healing properties of certain oils.


A massage aims to calm the nerves, aid relaxation and stimulate the immune system.

At The Rainbow Centre we believe in treating the whole person, rather than isolated symptoms, providing a range of therapies which may help to restore physical and emotional balance.

Group Work

The Rainbow Centre periodically facilitates a support group for adults.






Art can be a valuable means of non-verbal communication, which can help a troubled child or adult express and explore difficult feelings that may arise in times of crises such as life threatening illness and death.


Making art objects with paint, clay or other creative materials produces something concrete, which may reflect feelings. Working through very difficult emotions is hard, but there can be fun along the art therapy way.

Massage therapy

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