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We rely entirely upon charitable donations for our existence, so any money that you donate or raise for The Rainbow Centre makes a big difference to our work with children and their families.

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Kate's Story


"I had never heard about The Rainbow Centre until my family was in crisis. I was so glad to hear about them then. A friend gave me the number and Linda was expecting my call when I made contact 2 days after my husband had died suddenly and unexpectedly by suicide. I remember little about that first call, except Linda’s soothing voice and calm, matter of fact response to all that I was telling her. She made me feel so normal at a time when I felt like I had been sent to a different planet."


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Take our £30 Turnaround Challenge


If you donate £30 to The Rainbow Centre for Children we can provide a therapy session for a child or parent affected by a bereavement or life threatening illness.


If we give you £30 for 30 days can you increase the value of that £30 so that we will be able to provide even more support for a child or parent when they need it most? How much can you raise?


Take our £30 Challenge to find out.

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